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Make the right choices in an emergency

As with other emergency information and warnings, some fires can start and spread so quickly that there is no time for a warning, or warning levels increase so quickly that several messages are received at once. The Bushfire Warning System is only a guide to help individuals make the right decisions for their safety. Individuals need to monitor their situation closely and be prepared to put their Bushfire Survival Plans into action with little or no warning.

Australia’s emergency warning system is based on a multi-modal approach, which means emergency information and warnings are provided through a variety of means (or modes).

The recommended modes for the South Australian community to receive a range of emergency warnings include: ESS websites and social media (such as Facebook and Twitter), media outlets (such as ABC Local Radio and community radio), mobile phone applications (Alert SA), targeted telephone and text messages (Emergency Alert System), and door knocks by emergency service personnel.

The use of a multiple information sources helps ensure that concerned community members can continue to receive information in the event some sources of information become unavailable.

During the 2019?2020 bushfire season, key emergency information and warnings were provided to the public through the Emergency Alert System and mobile applications, and there were reports that when the internet, mobile phones, and other technologies were not available, the ABC and community radio were important sources of emergency information and warnings.

Also, there were reports that due to topography, not all residents of border communities had reliable access to radio stations located in their state. Such cross-border anomalies can become profoundly serious in the context of directing residents to particular radio stations for state specific emergency information.

SAFECOM’s enabling and support of emergency warnings systems for South Australians is fundamental to State Government’s ability to deliver messages quickly and alert the public to any emerging and imminent threats.