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Prevention and community preparedness

Community prevention, preparedness and recovery are identified priorities for SAFECOM and form one of the key strategic directions – community resilience. SAFECOM works towards this goal by bringing together key partners across the fire and emergency service sector and ensuring there is progress delivering cross-sector outcomes.

The Emergency Services Sector (ESS) prevents the loss of life, property, environment and infrastructure through reducing the impact of fires and other emergencies on our community. Not only is this achieved through an ongoing investment in emergency response equipment and trained personnel, but as importantly the ESS is committed to providing emergency warning systems and awareness materials that enable all South Australians to be as prepared and resilient to the dangers of fire and other emergencies as possible.

As the agency responsible for strengthening the CFS, SES and MFS – SAFECOM undertakes strategic policy, planning, governance and resource allocation with the ultimate aim to empower and support all South Australian communities to prepare for and effectively recover from the effects of emergencies.

Community prevention and resilience requires the development of strategic, targeted networks and partnerships with the focus of strengthening relationships to solve community issues such emergency management. To achieve this, communities and emergency services must develop a collaborative approach to planning, preparing, responding and recovering from all hazards.

By working closely with its emergency services sector partner agencies, SAFECOM contributes to ensuring any social and economic challenges associated with the fire and emergency services sector’s Prevention, Preparedness, Response and Recovery Framework are addressed through various community engagement strategies and safety-focussed activities.

By Increasing community involvement and awareness of emergency management at a grass roots level, SAFECOM helps to improve preparedness for emergencies and disasters across South Australia.