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Since 2005, SAFECOM has been working with the CFS, MFS and SES to enhance community safety by providing a focus on prevention, preparedness, response and recovery services by South Australia’s emergency service sector.

SAFECOM provides corporate and operational support services that are integral in allowing the Emergency Services Sector agencies to provide the frontline services that directly support and protect the community of South Australia. SAFECOM also provides a strategic leadership role in of Whole of Government emergency management.

As an independent enabling agency for the emergency services sector, SAFECOM’s purpose is to ensure the best practice governance and accountability across this crucial area.

It achieves this by focussing on providing a highly integrated network of emergency services resources and consolidating support services within a unified sector and realising the common goal of enhanced community safety by pursuing opportunities for sector-wide efficiencies and reforms and fostering participation and support of volunteers from across the state’s local communities.