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SAFECOM is administered by the SAFECOM Board which comprises an Independent Member (Presiding Member), the SAFECOM Chief Executive, the Chief Officers from CFS, MFS, and SES, nominees of the United Firefighters Union, CFS Volunteer Association and SES Volunteer Association, and two independent members appointed by nomination of the Minister for Police, Emergency Services and Correctional Services.

The Board of the South Australian Fire and Emergency Services Commission is established under the Fire and Emergency Services Act 2005 to manage and administer SAFECOM. The Board plays a significant role in making decisions that SAFECOM implements across the fire and emergency services sector, and SAFECOM is subject to the control and direction of the Minister for Emergency Services.

The SAFECOM Board is the governing entity and is responsible for exercising a wide range of powers and functions. SAFECOM’s board model is unique in that it has industrial representatives as well as representation from the volunteer associations - which makes SAFECOM quite different to traditional public sector governance models.

The SAFECOM Board consists of the following members:

  • Peter De Cure - Chair
  • Julia Waddington-Powell - SAFECOM Chief Executive
  • Michael Morgan - Chief Officer Metropolitan Fire Service    
  • Brett Loughlin - Chief Officer Country Fire Service 
  • Chris Beattie - Chief Officer State Emergency Service
  • Sonia St. Alban - CFS Volunteer Association
  • Susan Caracoussis - SES Volunteer Association
  • Max Adlam - SA UFU Representative
  • Jacqui Tucker