Disaster Risk Reduction Grants Approved Projects

South Australian Disaster Risk Reduction Grants 


2021-22 Approved Projects (Round 2)




Project Title

Project Summary

Total Grant Funding


Building a disaster resilient and risk reduction business community on Kangaroo Island.

This project invites all businesses on Kangaroo Island to participate in a three-phase program to understand existing business community resilience and risk reduction capabilities, and also create and embed tools for across the region.


City of Onkaparinga

Resilient Southern Communities – Disaster Risk Reduction Community Development Officer.

A Community Disaster Risk Reduction Officer is to be appointed to work in two locations over 18 months, building community disaster and emergency resilience and preparedness.


Department for Environment and Water

Levee bank information management in South Australia.

This project develops a baseline of existing levee bank locations and ownership across South Australia, will develop a levee bank database to be tested with detailed levee bank data collected in the Gawler River catchment and pilot a planning process to identify and agree priority levee banks, investment required and roles and responsibilities.


Multicultural Communities Council of SA

Increasing CALD Communities Resilience to Risk

This project aims to increase the resilience of selected CALD communities through a better understanding of disaster risk reduction, and better access and exposure to State Government messages in case of an emergency. 


South Australian Country Fire Service

Virtualisation of Bushfire Risk Information Management System – BRIMSOnline.

The purpose of BRIMS online is to provide the Bushfire Management Committee and the State Bushfire Coordination Committee member agencies, and the committees, with a web-based data platform capturing the full cycle of bushfire risk management, informing decision making and for the first time recording the status of and reporting upon bushfire risk treatment activities undertaken across the State. 


SA Council of Social Service and Australian Red Cross

Collaborative Action: Addressing the needs of people at risk from climate change, emergencies, and disasters.

This project will review and update the implementation Plan and work of the People at Risk in Emergencies Action Group to date, review of the membership and ways of working of the Action Group, coordinated delivery of outcomes under the Implementation Plan, engagement and communication within and between the emergency management, health and community services sectors, and a full evaluation at the end of project. 


SA Police

Public Information Officer Training

This project aims to develop a SA specific accredited Public Information Officer Training Course. This strategic approach to public information improves public awareness and engagement of disaster risks and their impacts, both immediate and long term. It will also allow new partnerships and strategic networks to be formed across the emergency management sector and wider government.


SAFECOM Scoping project to determine the viability of sharing natural hazard data risk information across sectors SAFECOM engages entrepreneurial consultancy firm 11point2 to engage with public and private sector natural hazard/data risk information owners to facilitate discussions about what construct would be required to share data/risk information to inform disaster resilience and risk reduction decision making, and improve emergency management planning across prevention, preparedness, response and recovery.  $30,000






2019-21 Approved Projects (Round 1)


Project Title

Project Summary

Total Grant Funding

AdaptWest, on behalf of the cities of West Torrens, Charles Sturt and Port Adelaide Enfield Adapt Now! Changing for Climate Change Extreme Heat. Power outage. Smoke impact. Localised flooding. In isolation, events like these can be challenging – but what happens when they occur as compounding emergencies? How would your community react? The AdaptWest partnership sought to understand how communities would respond, developing resources with community representatives, key agencies, and businesses and documenting the process with a local filmmaker through interviews to highlight messages of hope, connection and capacity building.    $68,200
Australian Red Cross CALD Communities - Locally Led Risk Reduction Project Building on a community led emergency resilience pilot project, this project seeks to utilise a strengths based community development approach to support CALD communities to implement their own locally-led disaster risk reduction activities. $232,082
Australian Red Cross Leave it to Z (Stage 2) This project aims to implement measures outlined in the original project's 'Conversations Report' and 'Youth Engagement Roadmap'. Children and young people actively participate in implementing measures and work in collaboration with the Emergency Management sector. This project was a State Winner in the SA Resilient Australia Awards. $198,316
City of Mitcham Resilient Asset Management Project (RAMP) incorporating Climate Risk into Asset Management (Phase 3) The RAMP is piloting the integration of climate risk into local government asset management systems, including spatially mapping climate risk, understanding their impacts on selected asset classes (roads, bridges, stormwater, major buildings, coastal and open space assets) and identifying opportunities for councils to fund any resourcing shortfall to maintain community assets and service standards. The RAMP has been designed to identify the economic and social opportunities from investing in proactive adaptation and disaster resilience initiatives and allow pilot approaches to be transferred to other local governments. $250,000
South Australian Council of Social Service Health and Community service sector climate disaster risk reduction capacity building This project builds upon former project roles and responsibilities for organisations providing services to people at risk and the Red Cross community service organisation shared responsibility project. SACOSS will provide advice and support to organisations working to implement change to their governance and practice regarding planning and management of climate risk, emergencies and disasters.  $200,000
South Australian Council of Social Service Identifying strategies to maximise access to insurance for people at risk This project promotes understanding about the importance of insurance, increase awareness about the full range of insurance products available and increase insurance coverage for people at risk and in poverty, using innovative funding models. $55,000
TOTAL     $1,003,598