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Response and Recovery

Disaster recovery is the coordinated process of supporting communities that have been affected by a disaster in the reconstruction and restoration of social wellbeing, economic, built and natural environments.

SAFECOM works to support recovery activities while working across government and non-government sectors to increase the state's disaster recovery capacity and understanding. South Australia defines recovery as the restoration or improvement of livelihoods and health, as well as the economic, physical, social, cultural and environmental assets, systems and activities of a disaster-affected community or society, aligning with the principles of sustainable development and ‘build back better’ to avoid or reduce future disaster risk.

Disasters can occur through both natural and unnatural hazards, and by arming ourselves with the correct tools and knowledge, we can, as individuals, families, businesses, volunteers, organisations and communities, reduce the impact that natural disasters have on us.

Responsibility for all aspects of emergency management, including disaster recovery, is shared between governments, individuals, industry, NGOs, and communities – and while the responsibilities may not be equal, each have a responsibility to collaborate with the impacted community to provide a range of recovery activities, program, and services. Planning for recovery is integral to emergency preparation, and mitigation actions may often be initiated as part of recovery.

Disaster recovery can provide an opportunity to improve local conditions by enhancing social and natural environments, infrastructure and economies. The outcomes of a coordinated and well-managed recovery can contribute to a more resilient community. Recovery is invariably a long and often arduous process for some individuals, businesses and communities who are heavily impacted by disasters. Recovery is a long-term, multi-layered social and developmental process that is more than simply the replacement of what has been destroyed and the rehabilitation of those affected.

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