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Kumatpi Trruku - Emergency Centre

Kaurna Warra Karrpanthi (KWK) is the leading group dedicated to Kaurna language revitalisation of the traditional lands and language of the Kaurna people, which includes the Adelaide Plains of South Australia. They have given their cultural consent for SAFECOM to use Kumatpi Trruku ‘Emergency Centre’ to name the Emergency Services Sector Headquarters building.

Emergency Services Sector First Nations Artwork

Created by Ngarrindjeri man Jordan Lovegrove, the artwork below is presented as a whole but has four distinct sectors – each representing one of the emergency services agencies. Going clockwise from the top left, the agencies represented are the MFS, SAFECOM, CFS and SASES, respectively.

Emergency Services Sector First Nations Artwork

The MFS quadrant represents the gridlines of urban Adelaide, the central meeting place of the MFS Headquarters. The smaller circular meeting places represent the different communities across South Australia that the MFS operates within and serves, which are intimately connected together.

The SAFECOM quadrant represents another central, larger meeting place connecting the agency with the other three partner emergency service agencies and the connections and pathways they share.

The CFS quadrant is represented by a series of traditional meeting places across the state’s remote and regional communities that are connected by country roads with kangaroo paw prints alongside the roads with even smaller winding roads connecting to the smallest towns and communities.

The SASES quadrant represents the vast range of emergencies the SASES are counted on to respond to at any time of the year. There are several circular SASES meeting places connected to each other as well as the elements of the sun and the impact heat has on the community, the floods that regularly impact our regional towns, search and rescue work SASES volunteers undertake and representations of fallen trees, floods and storms and the damage they cause to the state.