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State Emergency Information Call Centre Capability

The State Emergency Information Call Centre Capability (SEICCC) is managed by SAFECOM and provides an overflow call taking function which supports existing emergency services information lines, to assist in the provision of response and recovery information to the South Australian community during significant emergency events. In addition to this, the SEICCC provides a service to other Government agencies that may not have a public information call centre capability.

The SEICCC is located in Adelaide and can be activated on a 24-hour basis if existing call centre arrangements have or are predicted to be overwhelmed or a public information call centre is required as a result of a significant emergency, disaster or other event.

Call Centre Operators taking calls at the Keswick Centre

The Emergency Services agencies that the SEICCC can be activated by are currently:

  • SA Country Fire Service (CFS) Information Line: 1800 362 361
    The SA Country Fire Service (CFS) is a community-based fire and emergency service dedicated to protecting the life, property, and environmental assets of rural and semi-urban South Australians.
  • SA State Emergency Service (SES) Information Line: 132 500
    The SA State Emergency Service (SES) is a community-based emergency assistance and rescue service primarily responding to extreme weather events, road crashes, marine, swiftwater, vertical and confined space rescues across many regions of South Australia.
  • SA Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS)
    The South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) is responsible for protecting the community from the effects of fire, road crashes, chemical incidents, and other emergencies.
  • SA Police (SAPOL)
    SAPOL Provides a broad range of police and community services to ensure the safety and security of the South Australian community.

Other Government agencies that can require activation of the SEICCC are:

The following scenarios are examples of when this may occur:

  • As a direct result of an Emergency Alert (EA) message being created during an incident; where the control agency believes that once the EA message has been issued, the agency will not be able to adequately answer the expected incoming calls from the community through its normal call centre operations
  • During incidents where it is believed that the capacity of the agency call centre will be exceeded by the number of calls and extra support is required
  • Where the State Disaster Recovery Hotline is required, and it is predicted that the volume of calls will exceed the capability of the State Recovery Office
  • When specific conditions have been met in line with prior agreements with individual agencies.

The SEICCC is staffed by SA government employees who temporarily leave their home agency to be assigned work in the SEICCC for shifts, before returning to their home agency. Staff can volunteer to be a part of the pool of staff who are trained and ready for the call-up or they can be nominated for duty by their agency.

Working in the SEICCC is a challenging and rewarding opportunity, which contributes to the safety of our community in their time of need. If you have any further questions, please email the SEICCC team at or call 8115 3908.