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The MFS Vision is for a safer and more prosperous South Australia. The MFS has legislated responsibility in its fire districts to protect the community from emergency situations that arise from the escape of any hazardous material or situations that involves the imminent danger of such a release.

The MFS will be community focused, strive for operational excellence, ensure we are effectively prepared and provide public value in the area of hazmat response.


MFS strive for excellence when responding to hazardous material incidents that threaten the lives, property, environment and economy of South Australia.

Our personnel must be experts and professional in what they do and committed to the highest standards.

We will take all reasonable and practical measures to ensure the safety of the public and our personnel.

Our personnel will be supported in performing their duties with training that is of the highest standard. We will develop and maintain procedures that ensure hazmat incidents are managed in a safe, effective and efficient manner. The MFS will provide equipment for personnel that is the best available and fit for purpose when dealing with emergencies.

The MFS will be responsive to new and emerging hazardous material threats to ensure we are able to protect the community of South Australia, now and into the future.